Saturday, 10 October 2009

So wheres them damn yankees?

After many prayers to Patrick, the god of post, I had a parcel today. The first part of my 2010 6mm ACW project, I started with a Baccus Polemos Confederate army box although future orders will be in packs to get the mix of figures I want.

As with all my future plans, I shall be collected both sides with the Confederates first, the rules will be 'Guns to Gettysburg', but to make things look more impressive I want to model the units at 10:1 this makes the smallest unit (16 figures) 4 bases wide.

Here's the figures in their bags, they don't take up a lot of room, the box was mainly packing.

Here is a '20 figure' unit represents 400 men.

A Copplestone caveman gives an impression of scale.

Hopefully the all the Copplestone cavemen will be finished over the next few days and I shall be resisting the temptation to dive into these. I need to ebay some more surplus to pay for the next batch!

If you are curious the figures are crisp and well cast, the artillery particularly impressed me as I have assembled 6mm guns in the past and it is very fiddly. Can't wait.

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