Saturday, 10 October 2009

So wheres them damn yankees?

After many prayers to Patrick, the god of post, I had a parcel today. The first part of my 2010 6mm ACW project, I started with a Baccus Polemos Confederate army box although future orders will be in packs to get the mix of figures I want.

As with all my future plans, I shall be collected both sides with the Confederates first, the rules will be 'Guns to Gettysburg', but to make things look more impressive I want to model the units at 10:1 this makes the smallest unit (16 figures) 4 bases wide.

Here's the figures in their bags, they don't take up a lot of room, the box was mainly packing.

Here is a '20 figure' unit represents 400 men.

A Copplestone caveman gives an impression of scale.

Hopefully the all the Copplestone cavemen will be finished over the next few days and I shall be resisting the temptation to dive into these. I need to ebay some more surplus to pay for the next batch!

If you are curious the figures are crisp and well cast, the artillery particularly impressed me as I have assembled 6mm guns in the past and it is very fiddly. Can't wait.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Uncharted Seas

Well my first run through with Uncharted Seas went well last night, the game plays without too much looking at the rulebook and after a few turns you really get into the swing of things.

Here's are some shots, a brief game report will be on the club blog, the game has inspired me to build some islands, sandbars and wrecks, so watch this space.

The game after a couple of turns.

The pride of my fleet, my still unnamed Battleship.

Shroud Mages Battleship, now sunk to provide a habitat for marine life.

Shroud Mages Cruisers and Frigates

Sunday, 4 October 2009

I blame 10,000 BC .......................

Tonight's club meeting is our AGM, after that my Dwarven fleet for Uncharted Seas gets it's first outing, not having any templates I made these.

Well, I had them laser cut on mdf from the original template download, I painted them. I think they look pretty good. I'll let you know how the game goes.

A while ago I saw 10,000 BC, the film was ridiculed for daring to mix homo-sapien with mammoths used as beasts of burden to build pyramids - silly stuff really, but when you aren't expecting any special a grain of an idea gets planted. Now Tusk has been released as a PDF edition for the bargain price of £3 I couldn't resist it. Well one thing let to another ...........

The figures are from Copplestone Castings, he has made the four packs you see here, 17 figures in total, at least are open handed to take the various spears, stone axes and flint knife provided. These are great figures and I have really enjoyed painting these so far.

These dinosaurs belong to a children's game called 'Dinosaur Kings', they look pretty good and they will fit in great when the bases are finished. The best thing is they should all appear on ebay pretty cheap as children get bored with them.

This should all end up as a fun kind of lost world type game and would also give me the excuse to buy those 3 packs of Perry Twins Sudan era Black Watch infantry I wanted to paint.