Sunday, 13 September 2009

Trees from China / Painting Update

I needed some variety in my 6mm trees so I decided to buy some more, avoiding the typical k&m trees. I had seen cheap chinese trees on ebay before. So feeling brave I put in a massive 99p bid and won. Ok the postage was £6 but for 100 trees that's only 7p each.

Well the box is smaller than expected!

They do look rather green!

Example next to a Time Cast house. Well if the rest are similar to this one then I am happy that I have excellent value for money, I may keep them a quick pass with a green spray to tone down the brightness but other than that just need to find some time to make some tree bases.

They also do palm trees and other stuff too. Here is the seller.

Spent an hour tidying the office today, here's a blurry shot of painting corner.

Another WIP shot of the Foundry WW2 British, with boots, flesh and webbing painted.

I need to find a technique for painting spectacles on miniatures as there's a bunch in this lot. Right, time for a movie.

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