Sunday, 27 September 2009

This weekends painting

I seem to have done plenty this weekend but not actually finished anything.

I have assembled and based the final figure from the Foundry Civilians pack, just some more stuff needs to go on the base, it's all a bit bare.

2 Timecast houses, from the Eastern European range but probably equally at home in the American Civil War. I am from time to time going in to the selection of unpainted Timecast bits I have collected over the last few years, I shall base them all together.

I have done some more on my Battletech lance, also behind them are some Soviet flats again, Timecast, and to the right two bases made with the cheap Chinese trees. I have ordered another box again £7 inc postage for 100 but this time in a darker colour.

This is a older shot showing the painting 'helper'.

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