Sunday, 20 September 2009

Painting Update

I have been catching up on my painting since I played last, some of these pieces had been painted already, some years earlier but the forthcoming game gave me the impetus to get them finished.

First up are some Brits I have painted but not based as I wanted to include some scenic items on their bases, a quick order to Angel Barracks got me a few bits and pieces.

The gates and fences are Irregular and the walls and hay stack are from Angel Barracks, who also have an excellent 6mm based forum.

A now for a heretical Battletech moment, these are a Work in Progress, althought the bases are largely done.

I was annoyed that you don't get the hex bases in the blister packed miniatures, which I have always thought were too small - making the mechs unstable. So as I have no intention of using the hex maps I got some laser cut hexes off ebay.

The Wargames Foundry "Dads Army" figures were released years ago, back when Foundry were value for money, some were started and the rest squabbled in a box with the German Paratroops.

Here are the main characters ready to repel the Hun!

Now the civilians, always useful to have. But is that a Nun or a German paratrooper in disguise? One figure is missing from the pack, as I need to sort out the bicycle.

Downed Luftwaffe Aircraft, from a bomber presumably because of their numbers and the Machine Gun.

I'm off for a game later, so a game report will appear soon.

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Little Odo said...

Wow! Those Home Guard troops look amazing. Can't wait to see them in action against the German threat. Just don't tell them your name, Pike! :-)

I also really like the look of those Mechs. I bought the rules many moons ago but never got round to ever using them. I'm not even sure if I still have them in fact. I would love to see a battle write up on your blog if you get the time.