Monday, 7 September 2009

The defence of Hong Kong

At long last my 6mm BAOR collection finally got to see action. Stu and I played our first game of Cold War Commander with 2500 points each. As it was our first game we looked on it as a chance to explore the rules and see what we thought.

Here's a nice opening shot of the table before we started. Buildings are from Timecast and Irregular. Miniatures from GHQ and Navwar.

Well below is what you get for 2500 points, playing British.

But play Chinese and you get this many!

Luckily for me I had an edge over quality with the Chieftains against the T-62, they did have numbers. Stu is posted a battle report so I won't spoil it and pre-empt his work.

Here they come, who's idea was it to play across the table?

And from the other flank too!

Luckily the Sabot rounds didn't let me down.

In the end we had a great game, made loads of mistakes with the rules but I think we are happy with the result. I shall be rebasing all my WW2 Soviets soon for Blitzkrieg Commander, in the meantime the Home Guard painting is coming along nicely for next weekend.

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