Sunday, 23 August 2009

At last the postman came ............

Well it took me two attempts to buy these, finally I have them. The first order from ebay disappeared without trace and the seller gave me a refund without even asking, the second try was even cheaper, so result!

When picking an army for a game, I invariably manage to pick the side which has the easiest paint-job, then I can get the figures to the table faster. Uncharted Seas is no exception to this as I noticed that the Iron Dwarf fleet was both the cheapest and the easiest to paint.

The castings were clean and crisp with only minimal clean-up needed and no air bubbles in the castings either.

Well this is the fleet for now, I have the rulebook but was disappointed to see typos in a second edition, and hints at future releases of rulebooks to cover submarine and aerial warfare. Although the Dwarves have two submarine models in the range already I quite fancy trying to make my own, at least the submerged markers should be straightforward.

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