Sunday, 12 July 2009

Upcoming Games

I have the next three gaming sessions set up, starting next weekend with a large game of Battletech, a game I haven't played since the 80's although I did fancy the clicky version after seeing a tournament - just don't like the randomness of the pieces.

Following that I am running a LOTR based Imperial Romans vs Germans skirmish, every is painted figure wise but I taking the opportunity to paint up some bits that have been lurking around forever.

This pieces come from Grand Manner and 1st Corps, whilst the oxen and cart are from Wargames Foundry as are the engineers.

2 weeks after that, and the weekend of coming back off my holiday I am playing Cold War Commander, the opposing army is Chinese so the scenario may be based on a clash over Hong Kong. Here's a couple of Timecast buildings I grabbed from the garage and painted on a whim.

I don't really need to paint anything up for this game but would like to have some aircraft finished just because I know Stu doesn't have any!

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