Monday, 6 July 2009

Flash ................... Arrrrrrrrrrgh

Last night Stuart returned us to the pulp sci-fi dramas of our youth. Dane, Mark and I fought over a table set in a 1950's British Town or village. Earth has fallen to the victorious legions of Ming the Merciless. Ming is enslaving the earth with his Red Guard and Lizardmen mercenaries. With a curfew in force only the brave and foolish dared to venture out.

Buildings and terrain bits are from Grand Manner, Snapdragon, Old Crow/Ainsty and Plasticville, miniatures are from a number of sources, hopefully Stu will comment on these if I miss any out. Rules were Chain Reaction 3 from Two Hour Wargames.

Figures are from; Hasslefree West Wind Dick Garrison

My after action reports are often written up days after the game, relying on the photos to remind me of the action, regrettably this does mean I tend to remember more of the action I was involved in. Details may change and names changed to protect the innocent.

Here's a couple of images of the table. The mat is a roll of kitchen lino.

Ming's Red Guard secure their leader and Dr Zarkof.

The remainder of the Red Guard move out to secure the game objective, the Mongo shuttle.

Ming's daughter Princess Aura and 2 robots defend the crash site.

Here are the local human resistance, the initial humans comprise some coppers with truncheons, and handful of shotgun toting locals and the rest seem to get by with a stout 2x4. Oh, and children with dustbin lids.

To enforce the curfew Ming use security bots on the street corners, as humans came into view, the bot opened up with it's laser, dropping one to the floor.

Here's 'Flash' and two officers of her majesty's constabulary.

The shotgun armed group seize a building and exchange fire with a security bot.

The Red guard move up, I realised that I might as well move Ming up too rather than leave him out of the game.

The mercenary Lizardmen advance let by their leader in his battle armour suit, ok its an egg.

The mercenaries advance knocking all their foes to the ground.

The Guard receive fire from the house, killing one of their number, whilst the prepare to use the sonic cannon.

Other guards, with Zarkoff, continue towards the crash site. Zarkoff is needed to make essential repairs.

Squads of US Marines are now entering the table, don't ask where they came from (Stu's figure case - good job it wasn't the Japanese, he's got loads more of those), but still they come.

More Marines seek the cover of some wooden ruins.

Inbetween the robots and the Marines can be found some strange plants which lash out at the humans.

The final squad of Marines move on to the table and head towards the Mercenaries.

As the Marines open up, the Mercenaries take casualties.

As the Marines cross the road in front of the Mongo Guards, which after withering laser fire they begin to regret.

Robots and Marines exchange fire.

The sonic cannon opens up on the Marines in the wooden ruin, whilst others fall to laser fire.

There doesn't seem to be many Lizardmen left at this point.

A whole bunch of obviously dead rolls, thinned out the Marine ranks. The game was still arguably still in the balance when we called it a night but maybe the Mongo forces had the edge.

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