Friday, 31 July 2009

Butterflies ..............

We seem to be such wargaming butterflies as we flit from period to period, from week to week. Whilst I have been painting the bits and pieces for this weekend's Roman skirmish game I have been reading Outlaw by Angus Donald, a retelling of the Robin Hood legend which sent me scurrying to the book shelves to see if I could get away with using my Norman's, and yes I can, until the end of the 12th Century by which point the kite shield had been replaced by the more fashionable Heater shape.

Last weekend saw us playing Battletech, a game I hadn't played in 20 years. We had a good game and will play again, this time with miniatures and terrain. Might buy a few mechs, we'll see.

Stu, who might suffer from the gaming equivalent of ADHD, brings up 'The British Civil War' set in the late 30's, where Edward VII doesn't abdicate and asks Moseley to form a government. The country breaks up in to civil war. The source book, hopefully in my hands next week, outlines the national picture and encourages games set 'locally' hence the clipping below.

This might be the excuse I need to paint my Foundry Home Guard I've had since they were released. I have the pack of civilian characters stashed somewhere in the garage too along with some Battle Honours resistance fighters. The first 3 packs of German Paratroops are also in the garage, I doubt Herr Hitler could have resisted dabbling in British politics particularly if it would have affected our reputation in the rest of the world.

Basically it seems a good excuse to dig out odds and sods of figures from late WW1, Pulp, Gangsters and early WW2 and have a skirmish game. Rules would most likely be Arc of Fire or if we were really brave Battleground.

The fake newspaper clipping can be generated at which is a bit of fun, shame you can't include a photo, but I play have a play to see if make it.

Hopefully the next post will be a report of this weekends skirmish game, Romans Vs Germans on the Rhine border.

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