Saturday, 13 June 2009

Warlord ECW figures

Well the figures arrived, I got the Royalist box, no difference apart from the leaflet inside so no bigger. I have taken a few pictures;

First the box art clearly showing the box contents with a great illustration on the front, although the colours might be a little bright for the 17th century without washing powders and fast dyes.

The back of the box shows the box contents painted and formed up as a regiment.

You also get a sprue of plastic bases, nice and thin. Also available separately, I know I shall be using these from time to time.

Alas the leaflet photo has a flash bloom in the centre, but again has colour artwork and some painted example figures inside along with a very brief history of the English Civil Wars. I wouldn't agree with the statement about infantry commonly wearing matching uniforms. There was some uniformity, but with campaigning reality is going to be somewhat different.

The command sprue contains the Ensign, Colonel and Musician with a variety of arms, weapons and a choice of musical instrument.

From the back.

Now the other sprue (you get three of these) contains the musketeers and pikemen, interestingly in the 40 figure box, you get 3 command figures and 3 sprues of 13 figures. I am pretty sure that adds up to 42, will have to wait until I have made them all to see if there is enough arms to go round.

The detail on these is pretty good, perhaps a touch shallower than it would be on a white metal figure but pretty could none the less. I would have liked the option of using alternate pikes as I would expect these to get broken in time.

If the quality is kept up I shall be looking forward to the release of cavalry.

These figures are available from all over on the net and are made by Warlord Games, who if I am not mistaken are ex GW staff


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