Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Ambush Alley Turkey Shoot AAR

After playing the first scenario in the Ambush Alley rulebook, we decided to swap sides for the next game, giving me the opportunity to play the insurgents and give me the motivation to finish the 60 or so figures I had to paint.

The first couple of shots show the game table, we had to swap a couple of the buildings over before we started to suit the requirements of the scenario.

Here's the battlewagon! Andy swapped the Amtrack for a Stryker - no difference in game terms.

The insurgents begin to assemble at the hot spots but brought a distinct lack of RPGs with them, which meant they would have difficulties effecting the Stryker.

As the US forces begin to enter the table they encounter these 2 first. They are soon removed from the table.

More insurgents cowering around a corner in response to the US entering the table.

The US take up covering positions with the squad on the building roof taking up overwatch.

Brave or foolish? These figures pop up to engage the infidels and are soon cut down.

The exposure was rubbish on this shot, so I made a moody black and white shot. Insurgents have entered the house next door to the US squad on overwatch.

US troops seize more real estate, they are unaware that the subprime market has collapsed.

Moving into the big compound, this squad takes up overwatch positions as the Stryker rumbles by with its cargo of snipers.

Insurgents in the lockup shops are more than aware that their lack of RPGs and troops generally is causing them problems. Perhaps they didn't RSVP their invites or is there a bus strike?

Ignoring local traffic bylaws the Stryker rumbles on, covered by several squads on overwatch.

As the US move more of their troops up to the compound the insurgents attempt to follow them using their local knowledge they have a short cut through an alleyway. Unfortunately they are engaged by the US, cause no casualties but take casualties themselves, fail the morale test and run home to mother - all apart from the leader who is made of sterner stuff.

The snipers arrive and disembark, the US own the table with only 1 broken and 1 disheartened leader on the table for the insurgents.

Now they take the micky just wandering around downtown and posing for tourist photos.

This leader recovers his morale and plans a glorious death. He got one!

As the US march on to their victory conditions, the insurgents finally, and too late, begin to arrive on the table. Still no RPGs, still can't stop the Stryker!

The Stryker with the snipers now embarkeds starts off on the return journey. Country and Western music blasting out the speakers.

Now a fleet of buses seemed to turn up at once bringing a horde.

They seize this house as the US forces flee rather than face overwhelming numbers, who then take a single casualty, fail the morale and run away.

More insurgents appear at the mosque in an attempt to fire their single RPG at the stryker before it leaves the table. They don't, they die, horribly.

A good yet frustrating game. The insurgents playing with untrained troops are completely outclassed by the US veterans who win every firefight. I caused no casualties and gained no victory points. Andy was like the grim reaper.

Oh well there is always next time.

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