Sunday, 5 April 2009

Triples 2009

I visited Triples today, my first wargames show in about a year, I did have a shopping list but most went out of the window when I saw liberation weren't attending.

So today's haul was;

2 Adobes from Minimi. Reasonably priced and separate roofs in 20mm for Ambush Alley.

Hovels middle eastern tomb - but I reckon it will work as a mosque, it is supposed to be 25mm but will work for 2omm AA.

4 late Pz IV with skirts from Raventhorpe.

A couple of books of the Sudan campaign, the obligatory Osprey title and 'War in the Sudan' by Stuart Asquith. This has been something I have been interested in for some time but I have wanted to do a big battle version without the pressure of a massive painting chore. Pete at Baccus released both Sudan and Zulu wars ranges, his painted stuff on his stand is inspirational and I have a couple of packs to try them out.

Final purchase was Britannia TV crew with the Ross Kemp look alike.

I hope to paint these soon, photos up when finished.


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