Monday, 20 April 2009

Ambush Alley - First Play

I have been wanting to play Ambush Alley for some time, I had painted miniatures and other bits and pieces but I had insufficient buildings and no insurgents yet painted. In stepped fellow Guild member Andy who bought his impressive collection down for the evening.

The table was just bigger than 3' x 3' which was just right for this scenario - the contractor rescue mission. First here are some scene setting shots of downtown.

Insurgents begin to gather around hot spots in preparation to ambush the Americans who are advancing to rescue the 'civilian' contractors.

Here we see the contractors, whose Range Rover has given up in the middle of bandit country, they use their Uzis to keep the locals at bay but their ammo is running short. Luckily they have been able to summon aid from a nearby US Marine Corp patrol.

Below is another of the hotspots next to the side of the shops and the water tower, no cash point but apparently the houmous in the deli is great! Just off the table is the bus stop where the Jihadi Bus Co regularly make stops to drop off passengers.

Lock up garages, another hot spot is behind here.

A long shot looking towards the broken down Range Rover, the AA was quoting recovery would take at least 4 years as occupants weren't lone females.

The Marines advance up the road towards the contractors watching the opposite roof lines as they had been taught in Call of Duty 4. With the team on the left taking out a couple of the enemy.

The insurgents continue to gather.

Insurgents gather in a building near the contractors, keeping them pinned down with occasional ineffective fire.

The fireteam and squad leader make a charge for the building near the contractors in order to provide an overwatch position. They trade shots with the insurgents opposite to good effect.

The other fireteam had come under fire from behind as insurgents burst from the alley, with everyone using the car for cover, the Marines manged to get their fire in but one of the team is wounded at a cost of several insurgent killed.

With the insurgents driven off they race for the contractors, with the other team provide effective overwatch support.

Insurgents gather on the roof of the Quickimart.

The team move off with the contractors.

Moving higher for a better view the covering team engage the mob of insurgents in the street below.

Ignoring the Stop sign the insurgents race on, encouraged by their leader.

Almost off table, just the other team to exfil.

The covering team make a break for one of the other table edges taking a casualty on the way.

After firing their AKs in the air to celebrate driving off the Yankee imperialists they probably go for a pizza and a movie.

In the end, an American victory. It was a very close game, very enjoyable, I am hoping to play the insurgents next time to see the game from the other side.

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