Wednesday, 22 October 2008

And finally ...........

I have remembered my Blogger password!

Well I haven't managed to sell my house or move yet! But I have found some time to do some painting even if nearly all my reference books are in storage.

I am currently finishing my 6mm British Battlegroup for Cold War Commander, it is a bit of a monster with 2 regiments of armour (1 x Chieftain Mk 11, 1 x Challenger 1) and infantry battalions (1 in Warriors, 1 in FV432 and 1 in Saxons). Along with SP artillery, air support and all those command bases and other bases. Photos when finished.

Continuing the modern theme, I will shortly start painting my modern US for Ambush Alley, I am waiting a paint delivery and I will start. For inspiration for modern Iraq and Afghanistan, here is a short reading list, all a cheap paperbacks from Amazon.

Finally the photos from my trip to Bovington can be found here I hope to find time to add captions. And here is the offending photo that nearly caused a scene!

Conqueror Heavy Tank 1955 - 1966