Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Painting Drought Officially Over!!!

I have at last photographed my Cold War Soviets, there are enough extra painted infantry to field a further platoon once I have added two extra RPG gunners and some more BMP-1 models. I will probably build a kit of the command variant and add two more of the standard vehicle. Still wish they had Saggers over the barrel!

The infantry and BMPs come from Liberation, the T72 from Forces of Valor.

Here are the former Iraqi T72 models from Forces of Valor repainted to be more Soviet.

Close up of the platoon commanders tank.

Motor Rifle Platoon with their 'rides'.

First section.

Second Section.

Third Section.

This group will represent the company command once another platoon is added, until then they command this ad-hoc battlegroup.

Full battlegroup close up

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Centurion216 said...

You are a talented painter. Those tanks look very authentic.