Sunday, 20 January 2008

Jarhead, painting and 'The Hind'

Since the last update, I have been busy - no photos yet though. The BMPs and Infantry are all finished, I have decided to enter them into The Guild Liberation miniatures group build project.

As I can only enter repainted diecast armour I tracked down some more Tamiya Nato Green paint, the armour will be all green by the end of today! I shall photo the whole 'battlegroup' together and whilst I am already thinking of adding more to it, I must give thought to some opposition.

I finally caught up with Jarhead this week, another Tesco bargain, little actual action but lots of great footage for detail. My copy of the Tankograd BAOR The Final Years arrived this week, loads of great photos of British kit to help me paint up my 6mm force for Cold War Commander.

I also managed to find an Airfix Hind A/D, this kit, albeit 24 years old, is the only example I am aware of, of a type A and of course it is no longer in the current airfix catalogue. So this was a winner - so flying stands and rotor blades will vex me for a while before I start the build.

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