Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Dark Elves - Alas no more!

Believe it or not most of these figures were rescued and repainted, after too few victories in the years I have owned them - including half of them falling downstairs, I have sold them on ebay. They have a new home north of the border and I hope that they will be causing much miniature mayhem for years to come.

Realizing that I have too much stuff this was the first of several armies to be listed on ebay. To follow we have Bretonnians, Undead, Macedonians and Persians all to be ebayed in the coming months.

As well as giving me some much needed xmas cash this army also paid for the first installment of my 20mm 70/80s modern project. Currently drying from their undercoat are 4 Liberation Miniatures BMP-1 and about 6o foot. I also have 3 of the Forces of Valor T-72 which will be disassembled and resprayed to match.

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