Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Black Hawk Down!!!

Finally I got around to watching Black Hawk Down (£3 in the Tesco clearance!), whoah that's one intense film I can certainly won't be complaining about a bad day at the office for a while. I have also read Rich Jones articles about gaming BHD in 1/144th that appeared in Wargames Journal a while ago - more was promised but it appears to be in a hiatus since they have announced a return to the web only content.

I have placed the book on my amazon wish list ready for payday, whilst I wouldn't attempt to game this specific action - I do have some urban terrain and I do plan to buy more modern 28's probably from MoFo.

The BMPs are coming on, just need some weathering particulary around the track areas.

Here's another up to date WIP shot. Tracks look a little light in the picture, probably the flash.

This post was brought to you with the assistance of Cadbury's Heroes and 'Rage Against The Machine'.

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