Sunday, 7 December 2008

More painting!!

These figures were painted for The Guilds 'Command Group' group build so I had a look in my unpainted romans and brought out Claudius.

Next in the painting queue are probably (it changes frequently) MoFo africans for Ambush Alley and some Boxer Rebellion figures. Must find the time to finish my 20mm arab civilian bases too.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

US Marines in MARPAT camo

These shots have proven to be a pain as my SLR is without a macro lens and the batteries in the Fuji have run flat! All figures from Liberation Miniatures as before.

Next: Civilian mob bases.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

And finally ...........

I have remembered my Blogger password!

Well I haven't managed to sell my house or move yet! But I have found some time to do some painting even if nearly all my reference books are in storage.

I am currently finishing my 6mm British Battlegroup for Cold War Commander, it is a bit of a monster with 2 regiments of armour (1 x Chieftain Mk 11, 1 x Challenger 1) and infantry battalions (1 in Warriors, 1 in FV432 and 1 in Saxons). Along with SP artillery, air support and all those command bases and other bases. Photos when finished.

Continuing the modern theme, I will shortly start painting my modern US for Ambush Alley, I am waiting a paint delivery and I will start. For inspiration for modern Iraq and Afghanistan, here is a short reading list, all a cheap paperbacks from Amazon.

Finally the photos from my trip to Bovington can be found here I hope to find time to add captions. And here is the offending photo that nearly caused a scene!

Conqueror Heavy Tank 1955 - 1966


Thursday, 12 June 2008

Been a while

Well it has been a while, I haven't done much painting since the Soviets (scroll down a bit!). I have painted a wrecked Hummer for Ambush Alley which is a game which seems to have fired my gaming juices.

I have bought some dragon diecasts and other bits and bobs, just waiting for Liberation to deliver the figures. Trying to make some buildings at the moment from foamcore, I have had reasonable success in the past - I just need to stay away from lego indiana jones on the xbox.

Went to the Tank Museum last week, as soon as I get the photos sorted I will get a link posted up. Managed to almost get myself arrested by the MOD police as I was taking pictures of a Conqueror heavy tank (from the 50's!) but it was inside the camp fences, they didn't even know what it was.


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Change of Pace?

Not so much as a change of pace, but I have been doing some more photography so I can pop stuff up on ebay. These figures were painted as display figures for my local GW retailer and as such mimicked the box scheme.

Used two different cameras for these shots, hence we a few are tonally different.

Torquemada Coteaz - Inquisitor Lord and Retinue

Inquisitor Coteaz



Gun Servitor


Servo Skulls

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Roman Heavy Weapons

Not more new painting, just catching up on photography!

The trebuchet comes from Gripping Beast, I have unpainted Norman and generic Ancients crew as well as some Foundry Imperial Roman Engineers which wouldn't look out of place.

Here's another Gripping Beast model, this time their Carthaginian elephant with Foundry Roman archers manning the howdah. On the premise that Claudius brought elephants to Britain when he invaded I thought I would paint one up as a surprise for a friendly WAB game.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Painting Drought Officially Over!!!

I have at last photographed my Cold War Soviets, there are enough extra painted infantry to field a further platoon once I have added two extra RPG gunners and some more BMP-1 models. I will probably build a kit of the command variant and add two more of the standard vehicle. Still wish they had Saggers over the barrel!

The infantry and BMPs come from Liberation, the T72 from Forces of Valor.

Here are the former Iraqi T72 models from Forces of Valor repainted to be more Soviet.

Close up of the platoon commanders tank.

Motor Rifle Platoon with their 'rides'.

First section.

Second Section.

Third Section.

This group will represent the company command once another platoon is added, until then they command this ad-hoc battlegroup.

Full battlegroup close up

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Jarhead, painting and 'The Hind'

Since the last update, I have been busy - no photos yet though. The BMPs and Infantry are all finished, I have decided to enter them into The Guild Liberation miniatures group build project.

As I can only enter repainted diecast armour I tracked down some more Tamiya Nato Green paint, the armour will be all green by the end of today! I shall photo the whole 'battlegroup' together and whilst I am already thinking of adding more to it, I must give thought to some opposition.

I finally caught up with Jarhead this week, another Tesco bargain, little actual action but lots of great footage for detail. My copy of the Tankograd BAOR The Final Years arrived this week, loads of great photos of British kit to help me paint up my 6mm force for Cold War Commander.

I also managed to find an Airfix Hind A/D, this kit, albeit 24 years old, is the only example I am aware of, of a type A and of course it is no longer in the current airfix catalogue. So this was a winner - so flying stands and rotor blades will vex me for a while before I start the build.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Black Hawk Down!!!

Finally I got around to watching Black Hawk Down (£3 in the Tesco clearance!), whoah that's one intense film I can certainly won't be complaining about a bad day at the office for a while. I have also read Rich Jones articles about gaming BHD in 1/144th that appeared in Wargames Journal a while ago - more was promised but it appears to be in a hiatus since they have announced a return to the web only content.

I have placed the book on my amazon wish list ready for payday, whilst I wouldn't attempt to game this specific action - I do have some urban terrain and I do plan to buy more modern 28's probably from MoFo.

The BMPs are coming on, just need some weathering particulary around the track areas.

Here's another up to date WIP shot. Tracks look a little light in the picture, probably the flash.

This post was brought to you with the assistance of Cadbury's Heroes and 'Rage Against The Machine'.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Work in Prgress

Well the GF is poorly so I'm painting, inspired by both the Sharpe reruns, the scary cold war documentary last night and Red Dawn.

Apparently the world nearly ended in 1983 - so that would have ticked me off right and proper as I was doing my O levels the following summer!

The Legere are slowly moving forward, I hope to have them complete soon.

Here's my Liberation Miniatures BMP-1 models after a airbrush of Tamiya Nato Green, shame they don't have Saggers on their barrels.

Here's the Heavy Metal and about half the infantry, the T-72s would get repainted once I have stocked up on paint again - I don't want to run out half way through. The infantry are receiving a wet brush of brown, after that I shall block in the webbing, weapons, flesh and helmets, once complete I am going to give them the Future floor wash treatment also see here here and especially here. The idea is the get the figures painted quickly and effectively.

Well I'm off for a beer in front of the telly.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Dark Elves - Alas no more!

Believe it or not most of these figures were rescued and repainted, after too few victories in the years I have owned them - including half of them falling downstairs, I have sold them on ebay. They have a new home north of the border and I hope that they will be causing much miniature mayhem for years to come.

Realizing that I have too much stuff this was the first of several armies to be listed on ebay. To follow we have Bretonnians, Undead, Macedonians and Persians all to be ebayed in the coming months.