Thursday, 23 August 2007


Figures by Crusader and Gripping Beast, sheild decals by LBM

Crusader Norman Dismounted Milites

Crusader Norman Dismounted Milites (a couple of GB figs in there too!)

Griping Beast Arab horse archers

Griping Beast Norman Milites

Griping Beast Pueri - Light Cavalry

Griping Beast Norman Milites

Griping Beast Norman Milites

Gripping Beast General and Army Standard Bearer (the General is William the Bastard, the ASB is Odo
with standard rather than mace)

Crusader Norman Dismounted Milites

Griping Beast Liberi

Crusader unarmoured serjeants with crossbows (from their Byzantine range)

Crusader armoured serjeants with crossbows

Crusader Liberi bowmen (Archers are from El-Cid range, the leader, left, is from the Byzantine
Psiloi command pack)

Griping Beast Coloni

Griping Beast Coloni 0r Liberi bowmen

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