Monday, 30 January 2017

The Pikeman's Lament and Warlord Games HQ Shop Grand Opening

Last week saw the long awaited publication of 'The Pikeman's Lament', the 17th Century rules based on Lion Rampant by Daniel Mersey and Michael Leck. (My copy arrived today!!). Despite being interested in the English Civil War, it has mainly escaped my wargaming despite me buying and selling figures in 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 28mm over the years.

What I think was holding me back was the lack of a rule set I was happy with and not wanting to paint hundreds of figures. The announcement of these rules has once again wet my appetite for the period, especially relating to my part of the South Midlands. Furthermore I have recently discovered the Stryker novels by Michael Arnold - labelled as the Sharpe of the English Civil War, inspirational stuff indeed which led me to find a couple of very cheap Warlord Plastic Pike and Shot regiment boxed sets on ebay. Clicked and Bought.

We popped up to Nottingham on Saturday for the grand opening of the Warlord Games new shop, lured by the 20% discount, I thought I would pick up some bits and pieces. I have bought much of the additional figures for the ECW apart from Dragoons which are the next purchase.

On arrival in Lenton, we were each given a goodie bag containing four sprues of plastic miniatures (US Marines, Caesarian Romans, Antares Concorde and ex WF Malburians) along with some order dice and sent across the car park for a free breakfast butty.

The store is modest in size but well stocked with boxed sets and blisters from all the Warlord ranges along with Osprey books and Army Painter paints and supplies. I imagine anything out of stock could be quickly fetched from the factory.

After picking up my ECW troops we headed upstairs for some gaming and chats with the Warlord luminaries. I've included some photos below of the various game tables and played a couple of turns of Gates of Antares which led to Dane and I picking up the new starter set and hardback rulebook.

Here's the special (and free) figure available on the day.

Here's Warlord Maus, sold out in moments when released on the website. I hope we are not going to see people trying to field platoons of these in Bolt Action,.

Some fab Russian armour painted by the model designer himself.

Project Z

Antares dome game table

The Antares table we gamed on, that's a great mat from Deep Cut Studios. 

Konflict 47

Sarissa Precision terrain for Gates of Antares.

Finally a few shots from the display cases in the store.

Simon De Montford painting at Evesham Library

On a recent trip to our public library I found a massive and superb painting by local artist, Eivind Bovor, Depicting a scene from the Battle of Evesham, I have including Eivind's notes and draft drawings which show the evolution of the piece.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Painting update January 2017

My painting seems to have kicked off with a spurt in 2017 following my recent eye test and the news I knew all along that, although I'd managed for 48 years, now I needed reading glasses. Painting has become more of a pleasure. I have resolved to clear stuff that has lurked around half painted, so expect the weird and esoteric mixed with more conventional historical miniatures.

Bad Squiddo Games - Queen Elizabeth I

Ristals Market - Scarecrows (available from Bad Squiddo Games too!)

Black Tree Designs - Medieval Peasants. These were only started Thursday night and may even see a game later today! 

Here they are mixed in to their unit for Lion Rampant, other figures are from Wargames Foundry.

This boy armed with a black powder pistol was a freebie from Northstar,

Perry Miniatures Wars of the Roses casualties. These will be battered markers for Lion Rampant.

Front Rank Medium Cannon and crew. 

Front Rank Bombard and crew. I will be adding a further two crew to each of these and making a custom base for them. The large shield will eventually sport a decal when I can find an appropriate design.

So whats next, well in the half painted and abandoned pile there are some Perry AWI civilians for Muskets and Tomahawks (hopefully Peninsular War too), mounted officers for Britain and France, four plastic Romans and a trio of historical characters. Lets hope I can keep up the momentum.

Friday, 30 December 2016

2016 Xmas project

This years Xmas project is rebasing my old WAB Norman army, did base textures today. Going to have a brown wash tomorrow or Sunday. I need a couple of bits and pieces to finish units up to their new sizes and a couple more 40 X 80 bases. All the old cast lances are being replaced too, but I can do that easily later, with stiff wire ones - no more bending!

Another update soon.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

To save a queen ......

I had collected a couple of sets of rules for gaming swashbuckling action in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. We decided to start with Flashing Steel, a Songs of Blades and Heroes variant from Ganesha Games.

If you have played any of the SoBH games you will be right at home with these, two stats Quality and Combat plus special rules or traits. We played with fairly balanced forces at approx 500 points each. In our scenario, Queen Elizabeth has taken refuge in the farm, perhaps she was taken ill, her retainers are on their way to collect her. Meanwhile at sea, the Spanish hearing the news plot to land troops, seize the Queen and take her back to Spain for Phillip to make her his bride and seize the English throne.

The farm is from EM4, Bridge from Hovels, trees and hedges from Last Valley. Miniatures are from Foundry apart from the Queen who's from Bad Squiddo Games.

Here's the Queen with her bodyguard.

The English arquebusiers and swordsman and led on the table.

The Spanish leave their boats and advance.

They choose to leave their sword and buckler men behind and race for the farm. Meanwhile their fanatical assassin has reached the farm and is approaching the English. The arquebusiers take cover behind a wall.

The Spaniards open fire and but do no damage. The Assasin sieges his opportunity and attacks the arquebusiers driving one of table with his fearful demeanour. The English open fire on the Spaniard causing him the fall to the ground. The English hero charges and administers a coup de grace.

The Spanish have now advanced in to range and continue to fire whilst the sword and buckler man try to force the sturdy farm gates.

English swordsmen are working their way to cut off the route to the boats.

The English have to charge to protect the farm and melee with the Spanish.

As the swordsmen advance, the English Arquebusiers and hero are killed, the swordsmen scatter but gather themselves enough to engage the Spanish at the gate. The Spanish aren't able to force the gate and as the day draws to a close they retire to their boats.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Halfling are here!

Midlam Miniatures have delivered their latest Kickstarter one month early! Halfling wizards, here's a good selection including one who could even be a Druid. Fab stuff and great castings.

I took advantage a good the villagers pack too, there's an obvious fighter in mail, a thief and assassin. Great stuff for D&D.